TARSHEED Residential

TARSHEED Residential Basic (Edition 2015)

Covering the needs of basic structures with minimal infrastructure, the Residential Basic certificate applies to new buildings within the affordable housing price range.
  • New buildings
  • Minimum 20% savings in all 3 categories
  • Affordable buildings

Certification Levels:
To achieve the Tarsheed Residential Basic certificate, a building must have:
  • 20% Energy Savings above the baseline
  • 20% Water Savings above the baseline
  • 20% Habitat less negative environmental impact
Details about the Tarsheed Residential Basic certification (version 01) is available at: https://Tarsheed.anglo-egyptian.com/en/book.php?id=26043 

Tarsheed Affordable house Advanced (2018 Edition)
Incorporating the updated criteria that include the Net-Zero Waste rating, Affordable house is for more sophisticated projects. In addition to new builds, it covers existing buildings that meet the requirements, with four certification levels.
  • New and existing buildings
  • 4 certification levels
Certification Levels:
Tarsheed Affordable house is awarded at 4 levels:
  • Bronze: 40 - 49 points
  • Silver: 50 - 59 points
  • Gold: 60 - 69 points
  • Platinum : 70+ points

Certification Levels:

TARSHEED Residential would be awarded at 4 levels:


10-30 points


40-60 points


5-10 points


60-80 points