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Egypt GBC boosting the sustainability in Egypt

Cairo, Egypt - Egypt GBC is thrilled to announce the participation of Professor Salah El Haggar, Eng. Hoda Anwar, and Eng. Amira Ayoub, from its team in the globally renowned construction event "The Big 5" in Cairo on June 25 - 28.

We are also proud to share that Egypt's leading national bank Banque Misr received their first TARSHEED certificate for their first sustainable branch.

Finally, Egypt GBC is still hosting the "Egypt Speaks Green " series of sustainability webinars featuring renowned experts and discussing vital topics.
In April and June, we hosted “On the Road to Building Sustainability," with Dr Mahmoud Fouad.
In July the conversation shifted to "The importance of local rating systems for the Green Building sector growth,” and the webinar was hosted by architect Sarah El Battouty. Finally, in August we hosted our most recent webinar on "Circularity is the New Gravity" hosted by Dr Marwa Dabaieh.

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