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    • Sustainability
      Egyt GBC strives to decrease the carbon footprint created by new and existing buildings while maintaining the triple bottom line: balancing economic prosperity, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.
    • Passion
      Egypt GBC believes that, to excel, we must maintain a combination of teamwork, passion, and talent of its people and partners.
    • Knowledge
      Egypt GBC aims to spearhead a transformation in the market, developing more green buildings and promoting sustainability by developing innovative and tailored solutions and increasing exposure to worldwide expertise.
    • Inclusiveness
      Egypt GBC aims to benefit the community as a whole - especially marginalized and vulnerable groups - and to work with market leaders to direct the move towards sustainability. We will do so by setting an example in social equity and fairness.  
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    Egypt GBC’s mission is to promote sustainability and green building in Egypt by cooperating with the construction community and shifting professional practices. We aim to use the momentum this will create to raise public awareness and ensure that local experts are in tune with the latest in know-how and innovation.

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    Egypt GBC aims to lead the transformation of the Egyptian building industry, creating healthier and more sustainable urban living conditions.