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Suez Cement Renews its Membership in Egypt Green Building Council


Suez Cement Renews its Membership in Egypt Green Building Council

9th of March 2019 10:00:00 PM (GMT2+)
Egypt GBC

In March 2019, Egypt Green Building Council, known for its support of environmentally friendly construction and the production and use of sustainable materials, welcomed Suez Cement’s renewal of its membership in the Council. 

Egypt GBC is affiliated to the World Green Building Council, which encompasses a global network of more than seventy Green Building Councils and 32,000 member companies to encourage and support the construction of ‘green’ buildings.

Clear targets have been set by the World Green Building Council to battle global warming and CO2 emissions by the year 2050, through improved use of resources and better building practices. Egypt GBC has outlined clear goals in its mission, including reconciliation of people with nature and the restoration of ecosystems by balancing ecological, social, and economical aspects.

A meeting was held between Suez Cement top management and Egypt GBC executive board members, where the possibility was discussed of cooperation in community activities such as raising the awareness about the environment or building a green community center. The potential of reusing some of the by-products of the cement industry was also discussed.

Innovations and environmentally- friendly solutions for several issues were also on the table, including the possibility of using cement by- pass dust as a raw material for glass manufacturing, or converting it  into external paint during the second phase of our program to promote sustainable materials for low income housing.

Top management was also provided with the technology to convert this dust into glass products during the first phase of the sustainability program between Helwan Cement and EgyptGBC. These solutions would be of great benefit, as the amount of cement by- pass dust is very high, reaching about 6 million ton per year and it is considered hazardous.