9 Jun 2020

Knauf Egypt Becomes Founding Member of Egypt Green Building Council

Already widely lauded for its support of environmentally friendly construction and the production and use of sustainable materials. In November 2019, Egypt Green Building Council has welcomed Knauf Egypt as its first founding member of the Egypt Green Building Council. 

Egypt GBC is affiliated to the World Green Building Council, which encompasses a global network of more than seventy Green Building Councils and 32,000 member companies to encourage and support the construction of ‘green’ buildings. Clear targets have been set by the World Green Building Council to battle global warming and CO2 emissions by the year 2050, through improved use of resources and better building practices. Egypt GBC has outlined clear goals in its mission, including reconciliation of people with nature and the restoration of ecosystems by balancing ecological, social, and economical aspects.

With the environment and sustainability rapidly becoming a priority, Knauf has been active in embracing the need for more awareness both locally and globally. Through its membership of a highly respected organization like GBC, Knauf Egypt will be able to exert an even greater influence in the growth of sustainable building and development in the cities and towns of Egypt. 

www.egyptgbc.org   www.worldgbc.org