Egypt GBC

Individual Membership

Individual Membership


The following are the guidelines for individual affiliated membership of Egypt GBC 


1.1 Criteria


Any person can become an affiliated member of Egypt GBC if s/he meets the following criteria:
  • Has a good reputation with no criminal record.
  • Aged 21 years or older

Applications are subject to approval by the Egypt GBC Board of Directors, the Board may deny membership without reasons.


1.2 Benefits


  • Member's name will show in the Egypt GBC Members directory along with the date of the start of membership

  • Receive Egypt GBC Members logo which can be used in all communications

  • Receive TARSHEED Introduction training

  • Apply to become TARSHEED Inspector

  • Register new TARSHEED Projects

  • Participate in Egypt GBC activities and committees


1.3 Dues


  • Membership fee (to be paid one time only): 180 LE

  • Yearly fee (to be paid at the beginning of each year): 180 LE

A member can join the Egypt GBC at any time of the year, s/he will pay the membership fee in addition to a fraction of the yearly fee corresponding to the month on which s/he will join.



A member joins in March (s/he skipped 2 months of the year), s/he pays: 180 + (12-2) x (180/12) = 330 LE

If a member is late in paying the yearly fee for more than 4 months from the beginning of the year, s/he will be notified by mail within the following 4 months, if he still fails to pay, his membership will be ended by a decision from the Board of Directors.


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