Egypt Green Building Council
Free Webinar Series

8 September 2020 | 07:00 To 08:00 pm

Webinar#1- Sustainability and Beyond

The first webinar of Egypt GBC Free Webinar Series-Egypt Speaks Green- is entitled “Sustainability and Beyond” and will take place on the 8th of September. In this webinar one of the main pillars of sustainability in Egypt, Dr Salah El-Haggar, will take us through the history of sustainability and green since it started back in 1972 till today with a focus on the stand of Egypt in this field. He will also discuss two key concepts, Cradle-to-Cradle and Net Zero, that are shaping the future of the construction and green building sector.  Dr Salah El-Haggar is one of the first scientists to introduce these concepts in his books that he will be presenting during this webinar. From his vast experience in the field for the past thirty-years, Dr Salah El-Haggar will give us key insights to improve sustainable construction and green buildings in Egypt and be able to move beyond sustainability.
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  • 01 - Introduction
    02 - Objectives
    03 - History of Sustainability
    04  -Cradle to Cradle Concept
    05 - Net Zero Concept
    06 - Sustainability and Green
    07 - Conclusion
    08 - Beyond Sustainability


Professor of Energy and Sustainable Development
Mec hanical Engineering Department
 The American University in Cairo

 Dr. El-Haggar’s has more than 30 years' experience in Energy and Sustainable Development Consulting and University teaching. Dr El-Haggar has been a visiting professor at Washington State University and at University of Idaho, U.S.A. He is presently the professor of Energy and Sustainable Development, Mechanical Engineering Department at the American University in Cairo. Dr. El-Haggar has been working in Environmental technologies since 1987.
Dr. El-Haggar’s has 24 Academic Honors, grants and awards. Dr. El-Haggar received the outstanding teaching award from AUC in 1995 as well as a number of outstanding trustees awards. In 2009, Dr. El-Haggar received excellence in Research and creative endeavour award from AUC.  In addition Dr. Haggar has 220 Scientific Publications in Environmental and Energy Fields, 53 invited presentation, 57 technical report, 17 books, one chapter in 5 different books.

Dr. El-Haggar Sustainable Development Consulting experience include 5 mega projects for sustainable building using LEED certification (Gold & Platinum), more than 40 Environmental/Industrial Auditing for major industrial identities, 20 Compliance Action Plan, 9 Environmental Impact Assessment