TARSHEED Residential

TARSHEED Residential Basic (Edition 2015)

Covering the needs of basic build structures with minimal infrastructure, the Residential Basic certificate is based on the initial concept and applies for new buildings that fall within the price range of affordable housing.
  • New buildings
  • Min 20% savings in all 3 categories
  • Affordable buildings

Certification Levels:
TARSHEED Residential Basic requires to achieve at least the following to reach ‘Certified’ Status:
  • 20% Energy Savings above the baseline
  • 20% Water Savings above the baseline
  • 20% Habitat less negative environmental impact
TARSHEED Residential Basic (version 01) is available at:https://Tarsheed.anglo-egyptian.com/en/book.php?id=26043 

Tarsheed Affordable house Advanced (2018 Edition)
Incorporating the updated criteria that include the Net-Zero Waste rating, Affordable house is for more sophisticated projects. In addition to new builds, it covers existing buildings that meet the requirements, with four certification levels.
  • New and existing buildings
  • 4 certification levels
Certification Levels:
Tarsheed Affordable house is awarded at 4 levels:
  • Bronze: 40 - 49 points
  • Silver: 50 - 59 points
  • Gold: 60 - 69 points
  • Platinum : 70+ points

Certification Levels:

TARSHEED Residential would be awarded at 4 levels:


10-30 points


40-60 points


5-10 points


60-80 points