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Building Types

Born out of the need for a tailored, relevant ratings system that reflected the criteria and needs of Egypt while still holding true to the principles and guidelines of global green building standards, Tarsheed is a tool that can help the construction of a new, evolutionary dynamic in the local construction and development fields. 

Created in 2015 and upgraded to highlight the Net-Zero Waste concept in 2018, Tarsheed has been tailored to cover specific types of building and their intended purpose. 
Buildings can be new or existing, and of any type,  They can earn certifications ranging from Bronze to Platinum. 

Tarsheed provides certification rather than consultation and promotion. Egypt GBC presents guidelines for developers to apply sustainable techniques to their projects. 

The developer must register with the council and train a consultant and allow them to gain expertise in the field. Then, they submit the required documents to prove that they fulfill the requirements of Tarsheed.

Tarsheed is an affordable form of certification, a key point in its practicality.