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Success Stories

Developing Tarsheed rating systems for residential buildings, commercial buildings, affordable buildings, communities, and schools.

Tarsheed certification is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices.

Tarsheed demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility towards preserving the environment and the principles of sustainable development,
and obtaining this unique certificate depends on the adoption of environmentally friendly practices in order to mitigate the harmful effects of the environment in addition to providing a healthy environment for employees and customers.

The Tarsheed Award is at the core of an advanced methodological approach aimed at raising the efficiency of:

  1. Energy sources through effective design and equipment.
  2. Water consumption in proportion to the surroundings of the building and the use of sensitive / water-saving taps and urging users to rationalize the consumption of water and energy resources.
  3. Promoting a healthy work environment by reducing the use of unnecessary imported materials and resources and maximizing the use of recycled and environmentally friendly building materials.
  4. Egypt GBC developed Tarsheed, and oversaw the full registration and certification processes of the following Tarsheed projects in both technical and administrative capacities.